Bryson DeChambeau allowed repair of driver after accidental break

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Bryson DeChambeau snapped the head off his driver on the seventh hole at TPC Harding Park during the PGA Championship on Friday afternoon after hitting his tee shot and bending over to pick up his tee.

While he was leaning on the club, the head became detached, and the long-hitting golfer was left to walk down the fairway with the broken instrument.

DeChambeau, who has added more than 20 yards to his tee shots this year after an extensive weight-gaining and fitness program, swung violently at the drive seemingly without issues. He seemed surprised to see the club come apart.

Because it was an accident and DeChambeau did not alter the club in anger, he was allowed to replace the club or repair it. He summoned a rules official to get the matter resolved, but because the eighth hole is a par-3, he did not need the driver there.

It appeared officials then handed him a new driver shaft, which he was able to attach to the club head.

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